Support the farm « Cabri au lait »


5 500 €

A solar-electric dryer for the plants

Building a solar electric dryer for drying aromatic and medical plants (herbal) including a 50 m² drying space equipped with 50 woodensieves and a thermal solar panel

10 500 €

A 52m² isolated ceiling to close the space

The dryer and the space protected by a wooden ceiling made of hemp, as a shelter and a warm place

16 300 €

Une salle aux normes d’accueil pour vous recevoir à la ferme

La sécurisation de la salle (sortie de secours) , la fermeture complète du lieu, la restauration des murs en moellons détruits, l'isolation des murs en chanvre et chaux  avec des chantiers participatifs tout l'été.


7 years after the founding of our farm

Our present project is to develop and diversify our activities for the benefit of children about plants

Claire et Sébastien dans les paturages avec les chèvres

The Story : a great adventure of solidarity since 2009

Ever since the adventure to become a peasant began in 2009, our willingness to share and welcome people in our farm is our main motivation.

Our names are Sébastien and Claire ; in 2009 we created a goat breeding with the making of certified organic cheese.

The process has been supported by AMAPs, Terre de liens and their hundreds of jointed citizens.

The Project : to develop and diversify our activities for the benefit of children  about plants

Our farm is an educational structure since 2012 and we have welcomed more than 8000 visitors, members of “Accueil Paysan”so far.

We have also been producing and manufacturing aromatic and medical plants for 2 years.

We’d like to organise a space in order to welcome children and families in a workshop , teaching them to gather and manufacture aromatic and medical plants

La Grande Salle


In 2009, so was the location :


The early building site in 2015…

The place is a traditional farm in Touraine, with a square yard and a longhouse. We have started renovating part of it to change it into a multi-purpose room called “the big/great/main room”.

Creating a place to share, building new spaces…. What for?

  1. opening a wokshop to prepare aromatic and medical plants

  2. building a solar electric dryer

  3. welcoming groups in the educational farm

  4. giving the opportunity to take part in a cooking workshop with cheese and plants

  5. providing a meeting room to associations of our partnership

    and why not some day….

  6. ….sharing a country meal with you…

All the products of our farm are certified organic and have the label « Nature et Progrès ».

We are a member of the educational farms network in Indre et Loire, named “Au Gré des champs”, and we became member of “Accueil Paysan” end 2015.

In 2015, our farm and our work won the first prize “Dynamique Agricole”. This award is for new business, given by Banque Populaire, initiated by our management center. 


We -Sébastien(47), Claire(44)- , neo-rural people, lived and worked in Tours until 2008, when Sébastien decided to become a farmer, although none of us are from the rural area.

Sébastien’s project … turning his life around…

After working for a company then an association, Sébastien decided to become a “peasant”: a one year training in a specific high school to learn farming, breeding cheese making, then a few months’ season as a farm worker, and he was ready for a search of a farm in Touraine, his native region,

In 2009, next to Sepmes, the « Cabri au lait”  was created. 

Not so easy when you are not from a peasant family… Two years of research were necessary to find a place according to what was expected and well enough for goats breeding.

Claire really wanted to take part in the project by creating :

-first an educational farm in 2012 , using her former experience as a facilitator of children’s group and her diploma BAFA

-In 2014, her desire to manufacture plants brought her into a specific training in order to produce  and process aromatic and medical herbs.

She became an associate in 2014 and a producer of herbs, while keeping a part time job in the city council.

How will we spend your money ?

Help us to carry on and complete the works in the farm…

The project started in 2015 with works of the Big room, totally self-funded and made by ourselves and friends

To go further and succeed in the project, your financial support is necessary.

In 2015 we have :

*made foundations of the ground and poured the concrete slab

*repaired and renovated part of the roof

*build a wooden panel (southern side) to replace an old and partly destroyed wall

*put recovered millwork

*put wooden siding on the new structure to close the building.

*bought tables, benches for to welcome the groups.

*found second-hand chairs

*put power, plugs, lights

*bought a video-projector

*bought dehumidifiers for the dryer

*install a fire safe system in the Big Room

*achieved the thermal solar panel

We have self-funded these works and equipment up to 5000€


In 2015, the room was used :

-for the welcoming of 50 groups in the éducational farm.

-for 4 meetings of associations of our partnership or the coming of Alternatiba

-during  the open day from farm to farm


Major stages of works

  Stage 1: A solar-electric dryer for the plants

Amount : 5 500 €

Detail : Building asolar electric dryer for drying aromatic and medical plants (herbal) including a 50 m² drying space equipped with 50 woodensieves and a thermal solar panel

Stage 2 : A 52m² isolated ceiling to close the space

Amount : 5 000 €

Detail :The dryer and the space protected by a wooden ceiling made of hemp, as a shelter and a warm place

Stage3 : A room on reception standard to welcome you at the farm

Amount : 5 800 €

Detail : Securing the room (emergency exit) – complete closure of the place, re-building  the stone walls, insulating the walls with hemp and lime, by participatory works all the summer

Stage 4 : A Big Room, fully fitted and equipped

Amount : 5 400 €

Detail : Interior fittings of the big room – tiling, water and sanitation, lighting and heating - , kitchen area…


What in 2016… ? Event and projects

*Cooking and cosmetics workshop

*Annual general meeting of « Nature et progress Touraine »

*Training session of ADEAR -

*Screening of documentary films by the « AMAP Consoude

But important fittings are necessary to implement these projects

Local craftsmen will achieve most of these works from July 2016 on, during co-operative workshop

Cliquer ici pour venir aux chantiers

Only organic material (wood, hemp, lime…) will be used in order to respect the environment and the standard in the producing of the organic aromatic and medical plants.

We need crowdfunding because can’t afford to carry on the project without its help.

We really wish this Room to be open to the public, as well as to welcome you.

Our Farm, since it opened in 2009, has been an example of a crowdfunding structure.

The consumers of the AMAP , our relatives and close friends have sponsored our fist goats to help us have the herd.

Some citizens have chosen to invest money in purchasing shares from “Foncière Terre de Liens”; this organization bought 22 ha of land of our farm; this land is a lasting community ownership dedicated to an agriculture protecting the  environment.

« La Nef » and « Le Crédit coopératif » - both banks acting in solidarity – have accepted our project, whereas traditional banks, even allowed to provide loans to young new farmers, have rejected our request.

Our Friends, our relatives, people believing in our project, have accepted to act as guarantors to buy machines and equipment.


We wish to continue with the same energy which has brought us since the beginning and has given us the strength to go on ..