Exploring relationship between Human, Nature and Organizations.


7 000 €

The ECO-nection Lab

The magic potion test

Follow the ECO-nection experimentation during six months with Blue Ice. Movies, picturesn feebbacks will be provided regurlarly along the way. 

12 000 €

History and theory

What old books tell us...

Théodore Roszak fostered the ecopsychology concept in USA in 1995. Exploration guided by philosophers, sociologists and economists who are at the roots of this transversal discipline. 


15 000 €

The Tool Kit

The sorcerer's apprentice box

You will find here fact sheets to reduce the impact on environment, meditation guiding and ideas to practice in Nature, Nature sounds and immersives videos to be good at work. 


The goal of the web documentary « The Natural Link » is to show that environmental problems can be solved by the transformation of the human beings and not only by mechanical application of techniques.

For whom?

It adresses the human beings as we are, not only as single individuals but rather in the context of the organizations we belong to.

This new form of web documentary uses several media to get more information on the subject. Video, pictures, sound, illustrations and text will turn « The Natural Link » into an interesting and captivating web documentary.

Three parts.

-> Exploration of the cross-disciplinary area of the eco-psychology.

-> Feedback from an organization which intends to reduce its environmental impact. This company agreed to my suggestion to test a method inspired from eco-psychology.

-> Making concrete tools available to people who run organizations, to reduce their environmental impact.

It is available to all of us, thus serving the interest of all.

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The history

Both my professional experience in environmental management (in setting up environmental standards in various organizations), and my personal outdoor experience (mountain sports, meditation, tai-chi) have led me to this project. My interest was strengthened by my recent study of ecopsychology, field which studies human psyche behaviour in relation with our natural surroundings.

Nowadays many of us are disconnected from nature due to our way of life, our work, the place where we live, etc…
Thus we have forgotten that caring for our planet means caring for us.
The environmental issue is unfortunately too often considered either as a commercial opportunity or an impediment leading to burdensome changes. However by being more in tune with nature and more aware of being part of it, adapting our ways of life become « natural » and allows change to run deeper and be more genuine.
This link with the natural environment can also help us in achieving our goals and allows us to be better linked to one another.

Thus, in line with my previous steps, I have decided to get involved with various organizations (businesses, charities and others) by offering the ECO-nection method (reducing our environmental impact by using tools to reconnect with nature).
It is a true novelty in France. The Blue Ice company based at the food of Mont Blanc has risen to the challenge and will follow the method from October 2017 to May 2018.

1 Webdoc3

The Lab’ECO-nection

We will follow Blue Ice, Giovanni Rossi’s young company for mountain equipment. His staff will experiment with tools to reconnect with nature (meditation and outdoor experiences) to deepen group binding in order to reduce the environmental impact. From October 2017 to May 2018, we will meet once a month to go through the steps of the method.

Created almost 10 years ago by Giovanni, the company creates light and extremely efficient mountain equipment in a highly competitive environment. The company has to be innovative. Ice equipment receives particular care.
Safeguarding the environment is very important to its leader. Urban raised, he missed nature a lot. Being in contact with nature and its preservation, is of the utmost importance to him. He is taking his entire team on this journey!

They will give us feedbacks regularly along the way. Their insight will be interesting especially as most of them are mountaineers.
Can one be in natural environment without being linked to it?

The researchers

Joy O'Flanagan is an adept of outdoor solos and is the joined head of The Natural Change, based in England.
Caroline Wijnkoop
is certified in mindfulness meditation and works at Reflexologic. The MBSR (MindFullness based Stress-Reduction) has now been well implemented in companies. It improves well being at work and is a creative force.

I supervise on my part the whole project and deal specifically with management and environmental action.

In this chapter, we will strive to underline in which way, tools to reconnect to nature, lead us to act more in favor of the environment.

3 Lab2

History and theory

Theodore Roszak is an american historian and sociologist who fostered the ecopsychology concept in 1985.

Philosophers, sociologists, economists versed in human and nature sciences, gathered and created a thrilling holistic science.

« (...) the ecological crisis cannot be  solved without a metamorphosis of the psyche, the soul, the awareness of the way we consider our psychological and material existence. (…) the ecopsychology goes well beyond dialogue between ecology and psychology, and moreover involves philosophy, history - the social history, the cultural history- and other social sciences such as anthropology, theology, knowledge, skills as well as know-how-to-be. »
Mohammed Taleb

In this chapter, we will explore cross-disciplinary in all its aspects.

4 HistoireTheorie2

The Tool Kit

You will find here, fact sheets dealing with energy, water and waste management, purchasing optimization, or biodiversity preservation, as well as various and evolving topics which allow organizations to be more respective of man and its environment.
Meditation guiding and practice time in nature will be offered as well as sound tracks and immersive movies.

All actions and good environmental ideas which you will have shared with us, will be included.

In this chapter, you can acquire tools which allow you to set up an approach within your organization.

5 BAO2


I come from a undulating and rural area in Normandy not far from Mont Saint Michel. Nature has always been part of my life, even without my notice when I was a kid. I grew up near waterfalls in a very hilly nature which I first explored with my trainers on. I then moved to the Alps for my studies and haven’t left them since and set up camp at the foot of Mont Blanc.
My time was divided between, my passion for mountains, my interest in environmental issue and trips in Asia, my favorite continent.
During a trip in China, I discovered Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and meditation which I have been regularly practicing since then.
I find them to be a beneficial support and great help in unveiling the world of senses.
It is currently important for me to nourish my personal experience from my professional project.

To deeply motivate us to preserve our environment which, even if we sometimes forget it, is essential to us, we need to accompany organizations by setting up practical actions which anyone can undertake.

My references in environmental management

  • setting up of a training course « Club Climat » for professionals, part of a climate action plan (60 partners)
  • creation of a website to promote good environmental practice for the climate action plan partners
  • leading of a network of tourism professionals towards sustainable development (30 members)
  • setting up the european eco-label in 3 buildings
  • setting up Green Globe label in a building
  • setting up the ISO-14001 in two organizations.

A collective work

Fresh Influence, digital creative company, based at the foot of Mont Blanc will be responsible for the web-doc and the making of most videos.

Benjamin Grappin, is the web-doc director. Images will be shot mainly by Stefan Laude, and Anne Sophie Blanc, freelance video maker will take part punctually. Illustrations will be made by Fanny Gras.

Coordinating the project, writing the text and arranging the various media is my work.

How will we spend your money ?

Funding will enable the whole making of the web documentary meaning :
making the video and sound media, illustration, buying images from a bank, writing the text.
In practice, funding is needed for : 

  • the whole shooting (10 days),
  • editing (7 days),
  • purchasing pictures and audios,
  • illustrations,
  • writing,
  • producing the whole documentary (software, purchase, realization).